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Online Interface

Your online source for competitive market intelligence.

Start making the right decisions with the right information from InteliChek!

In today's retail automotive industry, local service facilities are under pressure to cut costs or provide more value to their customers as they struggle to rebound from an ailing economy. Access to up-to-date competitive intelligence will not only give your local service providers insight as to how they stack up against their closest rivals, but serve as a starting point for fine tuning their strategies and policies in order to be more price competitive while delivering improved levels of service.

At the corporate level, you'll see trends in pricing over time and across the nation, giving you indispensible insight into the state of your industry. You'll be able to make effective decisions and guide your dealerships and stores in their pricing and service offerings.

Welcome to InteliChek Online…

Competitive market intelligence at your fingertips…

From single stores to 5,000+ locations, InteliChek offers concise, easy-to-read reports on your competitors. An essential tool that compiles both quantitative and qualitative (e.g., surveys) data from local competing franchises and independent dealers, InteliChek will help you optimize your marketing campaigns, provide attractive sales incentives, and institute effective customer service policies.

Select your competitors from our growing database of hundreds of thousands of service centers. Hand-pick the locations that are most important to you, or let us recommend nearby competitors for you! Choose and pick any number of competitors for your report.

Use our huge indexed database of thousands of vehicles, parts, and services to specify the details of your price report. We'll make automatic suggestions based on the details of your location and competitors.

You'll be notified instantly when your report is ready. You can instantly view problem areas where your prices are higher than the competition, or see areas where you already excel. If you've subscribed to receive multiple reports, you can view price trends over time.

Our tools give you the insight you need to make the right choices about your pricing.

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We make it easy for your users to understand our online system. Included with our online reporting system is an easy to understand and reference tutorial of our online system. Feel free to check it out at:

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