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The right features at the right time.

Competitor Selection

Target Your Local Competition

Choose from competitors in your local area or across the country using our sophisticated selection tools. Our ever-growing database contains detailed information on tens of thousands of locations, so you'll be able to pick the competitors that affect your business the most.

Data Selection

Get All the Data you Need

Use our data selection tools to tell us what information matters most for your business. Our automated system will make recommendations and allow you to select from price, customer service, amenities, product features, or other options for your report. Pick from our database, or submit your own data types and questions.

Professional Market Research

Depend on our Reliable Results

When your competitive market research campaign is prepared, our professional teams of trained mystery shoppers and market analysts will gather the data you requested in an timely and accurate manner, checking it thoroughly for questionable data points before compiling it into a report.

Online Reporting

Access Your Data Any Place, Any Time

Your finished report is available instantly online, and you'll be able to download, share, or forward it anywhere you do business. View trends over time, or examine information by service, data type, or competitor. Use your data how and as you need it.

Audio Recordings

Listen to Real Conversations

Where available* a selection of audio recordings from your market research campaign will be available for you to listen to or download any time. Gain indispensible insight into your competitors by listening to real interactions with their service representatives.

Corporate Features

Whether you're an established national franchise or a growing regional concern, InteliChek can get all of your locations online and begin localized market research quickly.

Corporate Hierarchy

InteliChek Fits your Corporate Structure

Our system is engineered to handle complex corporate hierarchies with ease. Your representative will be able to work with InteliChek to quickly set up a campaign that suits your entire hierarchy and provides various levels of autonomy and authority to different users.

Automatic Invitation

Start your Program Hassle-Free

There's no need to cajole your franchise owners and local managers to register; we'll automate and monitor this process, and walk these users through the benefits of market research with InteliChek.

Scalable Reporting

View Trends Nation-Wide or Locally

Your regional and national managers and planners will be able to view detailed information at nearly any scale. Data will be available as national aggregates and trends, or you can drill down to regional or local levels, viewing individual locations and reports.

Customer and Published Works

Real Testimonials

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Who Needs InteliChek

Overview and Benefits

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Promote Your Prices

Tell the World

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