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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes a number of common questions about the program, as well as specific questions asked by you and other service advisors over the course of the program. InteliChek relies on feedback from you and other participants to streamline and improve the program.

How will this scoring program benefit me?

In several ways. First, you’ll find more callers following up with an in-store visit. You’ll begin from higher overall customer satisfaction. This program will give you the training and information you need to make dramatic improvement to your customer service interactions.

What do I need to do to participate in the scoring program?

Nothing, the program will proceed automatically. However, to get the most out of it, you should check your call rating regularly and review the tips, advice, and tutorials on this page.

Who Is InteliChek?

InteliChek is an independent research firm that provides competitive market research and telecommunications recording and analysis for automotive manufacturers and dealers.

How can I tell an InteliChek caller from a regular customer?

If we’re doing our jobs correctly, you can’t. InteliChek shoppers are trained to appear to be an average consumer.

How often will InteliChek contact my location?

InteliChek will contact your location on a predetermined interval.

What types of parts and services will InteliChek callers ask about?

The caller’s scenarios are developed jointly between InteliChek and your company, so that they represent typical phone calls that you might receive as part of your normal business operations. The scenarios may vary from time to time. You will not be asked about parts or services that your location does not normally provide.

Will InteliChek calls ever be problematic or confusing?

No, InteliChek is trying to evaluate your telephone skills under ideal circumstance, so all calls will be straightforward and easy to handle.

Who are InteliChek callers?

InteliChek employs trained mystery shoppers.

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