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5.2. Create a Custom Quote

You may wish to send special price offers to exisisting customers or create and circulate special promotions in-house. To create a custom quote, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Promotion in the main menu bar.
  2. In the drop down menu beside Select Job, select a pricing job from the reporting period in the list. You will probably want to use data from the most recent report.
  3. Choose a service you wish to promote. You can include the pricing data of any competitor by checking the Yes button in the dealership box. Checking the No button will exclude that competitor from the pricing comparison in your promotion.
  4. Click on Enter your price on the left of your screen to add your new promotional price for the service.
  5. Enter your price and click on Save to enter the price into the promotion, or Cancel to start again.
  6. Click on Generate custom quote on the left of your screen. This will generate the custom quote showing the comparative prices of your organization and the competition.
  7. Email the custom quote by entering an email address at the bottom of the screen and clicking on Send to E-Mail.
Note: InteliChek allows for the use of their pricing data for up to 90 days from the price verified date.