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InteliChek Online User Guide

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3.1. Your Agreement with InteliChek

InteliChek is a business analytics company. To provide you with valuable feedback on the quality of your dealership's customer service, we will enroll you in our "mystery shopping" program where our trained staff will engage your customer service personnel in telephone inquiries. These calls will be for services you specify in your order form. To make these recordings and tabulate scores, we need your permission. To read the details of this agreement:

  1. In the main menu bar click on Scoring.
  2. Click on Introduction and Indemnification to view the agreement online.
  3. Fill in the required information directly on the web form and click on Submit.
Note: To fax in your agreement form, click on Click here to download file at the bottom of your screen. This will bring up a PDF version of the agreement. Print out the agreement and fill in the requested information. Fax the completed form to the number indicated at the bottom of the form.