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InteliChek Online User Guide

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2.4. Create Your Dealer Profile

To set up your dealer profile take the following steps:

  1. Log into InteliChek with your email address and password. Click on Your Dealer Profile in the menu bar.
  2. Enter your dealership particulars. The following fields are marked with a red asterisk and must be completed:
    • Name of Store
    • Street Address of Store
    • City of Store
    • State of Store
    • Zip Code
    • Office Phone
  3. Upload pictures of your dealership to your homepage photo gallery by clicking on the Browse button to find your photos on your computer's directory. You may use JPG, PNG or GIF ../images, but they must be 150 x 150 pixels in size.
  4. Click on Preview to view the photos uploaded to your gallery. It is recommended to upload at least three photos of your dealership. The preview screen will look like this:
  5. Upload promotional material from your computer by clicking on Browse and searching your computer files. These can be in PDF, Excel formats or PowerPoint presentations.
  6. Use the check boxes to indicate your dealership's services:
    • Amenities - the extras you offer clients for their comfort and convenience.
    • Vehicles you work on other than your name brand.
    • Specialties - what you particularly work on.
    • Affiliations - connections you have with other business organizations.
  7. Indicate your hours of operation by replacing the default text in the box beside Service Hours.
  8. Use the text editor beside Details to enter a promotional message or mission statement which reflects your dedication to customer service. The text will appear on your home page above your photo gallery.
  9. Use the text editor beside Description to further describe the services you offer and what makes you a superior dealership. Think of how you want to promote your store.
  10. Click on Preview Page at the bottom of the screen to review your work. When you are satisfied with the content that will appear on your home page, click on the Submit button.