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Your source for competitive market intelligence.

Since its inaugural launch in 1997 with one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the United States, InteliChek has been providing Fortune 100 clientele a suite of unique, high-value products and services. Based on the data InteliChek collects about a company's competition or internal systems, we have consistently applied our marketing intelligence to assist in the development of creative marketing and business strategies. InteliChek provides our clients with a powerful combination of strategic insight, business acumen, and an entrepreneurial spirit to help them keep pace in this intensely competitive and rapidly changing marketplace. We will:

  • Quickly grasp the value of real-time competitive data and help apply that information to outpace our client's competition
  • Respond rapidly to customer needs, market changes, and economic challenges
  • Identify and supply solutions to satisfy our customer's needs before they even realize they have them
  • Fully leverage internal and external resources to deliver maximum results from limited budgets

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"All in all my people failed miserably in providing what should be information that is readily available to them. This information will really help with the coaching of our…"

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"Corporate market research departments, manufacturers, retail chains, and companies of all kinds trust InteliChek to help them understand where they and their…"

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